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About Membership

Our membership year begins February 1st and continues through January 31st of the following year. Members joining between February 1st and October 31st will receive all of the REO ECHOs for that year. Members joining after November 1st will receive membership through the following membership year.

The REO Club of America offers two membership options; individual and family.
The advantage of a family membership is two votes during elections.

Memberships can be purchased with two different information delivery methods, paper mail or electronic.

With a paper mail membership, printed editions of the REO Echo and Membership Directory, delivered by the postal service, are included.

With an electronic membership, the REO Echo is delivered by e-mail and the Membership Directory is available on line or at an additional cost of $10.00 for the printed version.

Three year memberships receive a $10 discount, see below.
Additionally, a Lifetime membership is available, subject to mid-summer approval by the Board of Directors.
Benefits for becoming a member of the REO Club of America
Free classified advertising in the ECHO.
A directory is provided (updated yearly), listing members by locations and vehicles owned. 
Members have access to a wealth of information regarding the vehicles and other items (mowers, snow blowers, etc) produced or powered by REO.
A panel of volunteer Technical Advisors are available to assist members by providing essential vehicle information, specifications and advice.


 USA, Canada, Mexico (Paper Mail):

Individual:                       $30.00

Family (2 Votes):            $35.00

Overseas Airmail (Paper Mail):

Individual:                       $40.00

Family (2 Votes):            $45.00

Electronic Memberships

Individual:                $20.00

Individual 3 year:     $50.00

Family (2 Votes):     $25.00

Family 3 year:          $65.00

 Multi Year Discounted Memberships

 USA, Canada, Mexico (Paper Mail):

Individual 3 year:            $80.00

Family 3 year:                 $95.00

 Overseas Airmail (Paper Mail):

Individual 3 year:           $110.00

Family 3 year:                $125.00

Lifetime Membership:  Please contact Membership

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