Attention All Members

The 2020 Annual Meet in Appleton, WI scheduled for this July has been moved to July 2021 due to the Covid19 situation.

The meet will be held during the 2nd full week of July (dates to be confirmed).

A Big Thank You to John, Virginia and John L. Phillips for hosting the July 2019 annual meet in Kerrville, Texas! A job well done!

Started in 1973, the REO Club of America is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the cars and trucks of the REO Motor Car Company. 

The club has grown to over 700 members from the United States, Canada, Mexico, as well as, 16 countries around the world.

A benefit of belonging to the REO Club of America is access to our Members Only area of the website which includes past issues of the REO Echo, our club newsletter, access to the Membership Directory which includes experts in various eras of the REO, access to mechanics manuals pertinent to the vehicles and many other benefits.  Please consider joining for modest annual dues to gain access to all this valuable information.

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