Organization – REO CLUB OF AMERICA


REO Club of America Organization

Club Officers

President: John Phillips (TX)
Treasurer: Gordon McLeish (IL)
Vice President: Mark Peters (WI)
Secretary: David Snow (WI)
Term Ends July 2021

Club Appointments

Editor, REO ECHO Butch Pream (MN) and Martin Moody (MN)
Membership and Directory Michael Wiedmer (AK) and Tim Lyman (MI)
Custodian (Club Artifacts) Cindy Peters (WI)
Historian Jim Neal (MI)
Liaison for Electronic Media Dave Marshall (KS)
Webmaster Jim Zingaro (PA)
R.E. Olds Museum Liason Jacquie Graham (MI)
Club Directors
Term ends July 2021
Harold Cooper (OK) David Marshall (KS) Jacquie Graham (MI)
Ron Martin (On-Can) John Harris (ME)
Term ends July 2022
Dan Anderson (PA) David Bailer (NY) John Breckon (ON CAN)
Mark Gregory (ON CAN) Bill Reed (MI) Joel Klemick (PA) Past President
Term ends July 2023
Logan Essers (WI) George Langan (PA) Tim Lyman (MI)
Keith Okonek (WI) David Sewell (MO)

Junior Board Advisors

Liaison: Joel Klemick (PA) Past President
Breeanna Angell (WI)
Braleigh Angell (WI) Chase Harris (ME)
Olivia Moody (MN) Loren Veit (MN)

REO Club Chapters

Carolinas Chapter (1998) Contact - Bill Marion (NC)
REOlds Museum Chapter (2000) Contact - Jim Neal (MI)
Upper Midwest REO Chapter (2001) Contact - Dave & Carol Snow (WI)

Editor of the REO ECHO

E-mail: or

Phone: Butch Pream (651) 457-6968 (Evenings before 9:00PM Central)

Memberships and Renewals:
General Inquiries:
Susan Zingaro
E-Mail: Susan Zingaro
David Marshall
E-Mail: David Marshall